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2018 Rates

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Camp Vision Statement
A family church retreat facility
providing Biblical teaching for
spiritual growth while  enjoying
Christian fellowship, relaxation,

RATES for 2018


SEASONAL TRAILER (Rates and HST shown)

Small Site*        $2340.00+304.20 = $2644.20 /10 payments of $264.42 per month
Medium Site  
   $2400.00+312.00 = $2712.00 /10 payments of $271.20 per month
Large Site         $2600.00+338.00 = $2938.00 /10 payments of $293.80 per month
                     ($100 set up charge - installation fee, gravel, etc)

*As of 2014, for all new occupants, the “Small Site” designation was discontinued.  All “Small Sites” and “Medium Sites” became “Standard Sites” and charged at the “Medium Site” rate.  Those campers who occupied “Small Sites” as of October 1, 2013 shall be billed at the “Small Site” rate for 2016.

Cement pad adjustments                                            $35.00 per linear foot
Gravel:  1 scoop by Tractor/or                                      $20.00
                              Wheelbarrow                                   $  5.00
Grass Cutting by arrangement (per time)                        $20.00

 A non-refundable $45 deposit is required at the time of each reservation.

  Non-Seasonal Rates (+HST)




Back-In Site




Pull-Through Site




  • The same rate is charged for any trailer or vehicle left on a site, occupied or not.
  • Use of the dumping station is free to all registered campers or $10 for non-campers.






Daily Rental Rates:

COTTAGE:  $75.00,  Room:  $50.00,  Trailer:  $60.00


Family Tenting
One or two parents and their children under 18 years of age: $45.00 + HST
Adult children 18 years of age and older: $15.00 + HST each.

Group Tenting:  These are 2017 rates.  2018 rates will be reviewed.
Individual tents shall be occupied by family members only.
Each person 10 years of age and older:  $ 15.00 + HST
Children under 10 years of age:  no charge
The Group Leader shall be responsible to collect all fees from their group members and submit the full fee to the office at the time of arrival at Triple C.

A non-refundable deposit of $50 or 10% of the daily fee for the group (whichever is larger) is required at the time of reservation.

DAY USE, PICNICS – per person:  $6.00 + HST 
Groups – Use of Auditorium - discuss with Administrator
(Family Groups on Seasonal Sites may be exempt - discuss with Administrator)

Located on Ontario’s southern exposure, the beautiful  north shore of Lake Erie, with an expansive view of Long Point Bay.