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2013 Messages

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Camp Vision Statement
A family church retreat facility
providing Biblical teaching for
spiritual growth while  enjoying
Christian fellowship, relaxation,


June 23 Bob Rittenhouse - “We Are Just Simple Folk”

Allan McGuirl - Galcom
Galcom website

Crossroads Interview

June 16:  Marty Brown

July 21 am Allan McGuirl

June 9:  Howard Ireland

July 21 pm Allan McGuirl

June 2:  Jim Stuart

Paul Fletcher -The Parables

Jake Birch

July 28 a.m. - Matthew Ch. 13

June 30 am - This Much I Know

July 28 p.m. - Matthew Ch 13 continued

June 30 pm - The Land Of Israel

July 29 a.m. - The Dinner Invitation

July 01 am - Israel - A Crossroads for Humanity

July 29 p.m. - The Good Samaritan

July 01 pm - Who Cares For Canada

July 30 a.m. - Mary and Martha

July 02 am - Mount Sinai

July 31 a.m. - Luke 13

July 02 pm - Mount Moriah

Jonathan Saroma

July 03 am - Rivers Of The Holy Land

2013 08 04 am Jonathan Saroma.mp3

July 03 pm - The Jordan River

2013 08 04 pm Jonathan Saroma.mp3

July 04 am - The Sea Of Galilee

Dave Randall

Dr. John Moore

August 11 a.m. The Healing Touch

July 07 am Psalm 90 Dr John Moore

August 11 p.m. The Beatitudes

July 07 pm Titus Chapter 2 Dr John Moore

Herman Neufeld

Don Howard

August 18 a.m. The Holy Spirit Part 1

July 14 a.m.  Who Is Like Our God?

August 18 p.m. The Holy Spirit part 2

July 14 pm Is God Fair?

August 19 a.m. The Beatitudes.

July 15 am The Shepherd's Psalm 23

August 19 p.m. Blessed Are Those Who Mourn.

July15 pm The Promise of a Second Chance

August 20 a.m. Blessed Are The Meek

July 16 am How We Influence Others

August 20 p.m. Blessed Are Those Who Hunger & Thirst

July 16 pm The Power Of Laughter

August 21 a.m. Blessed Are The Merciful.

July 17 am The Great Call Of Faith

August 21 p.m. Blessed Are The Pure In Heart.

July 17 pm Living With The Enemy Don Howard

August 22 a.m. Blessed Are The Peacemakers

July 18 am Q & A

August 22 p.m. Blessed Are Those Who Are Persecuted

July 18 pm Psalm 139 Don Howard












Located on Ontario’s southern exposure, the beautiful  north shore of Lake Erie, with an expansive view of Long Point Bay.