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2011 Messages

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Camp Vision Statement
A family church retreat facility
providing Biblical teaching for
spiritual growth while  enjoying
Christian fellowship, relaxation,

Roger Pascoe:  July 10 - 14

July 10 morning  Challenges To Faith - part 1 

July 10 evening  Challenges To Faith - part 2 

July 11 morning  Unity In The Church Philippians 1: 18 - 26 

July 11 evening  Turning Darkness In Dawn - Hagar 

July 12 morning  Unity Through Humility - Philippians  2: 1 -11

July 12 evening  Turning Darkness In Dawn - Hagar & Ishmael

July 13 morning  Unity Through Trust in Christ - Philippians 3: 1 - 14

July 13 evening  Turning Darkness In Dawn - Jacob  part 1 

July 14 morning  Steadfastness in Discipleship Philippians - 3: 17 - 4: 1 

July 14 evening  Turning Darkness In Dawn  - Jacob  part 2 

Ernest Kennedy

August 7 morning:  God Works in Dark and Difficult Places

August 7 evening:  God Asks Us the Buring Questions

August 8 morning:  Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

August 8 evening:  Turning Bitterness Into Sweetness

August 9 morning:  God Provides Angel Food for our Discouragements

August 9 evening:  God Provides Strength for the Battle

August 10 morning:  God Provides Rest for the Stressed

August 10 evening:  The Values of Arron

August 11 morning:  The Values of Moses

August 11 evening:  Setting Up The Tabernacle of God

Stephen Hawkins

August 21 morning:  Spreading The Flame

August 21 evening:  The Prize:  To Know Christ

August 22 morning:  Israel, The Church & The Last Days

August 22 evening:  Israel - The Centre Stage for the Lord’s Return

August 23 morning:  The Anti-Christ

August 23 evening:  The Third Temple

August 24 morning:  The Great White Throne and The Judgement

August 24 evening:  The Last Days

August 25 morning:  The Rapture

August 25 evening:  We Are Living In The Last Days

Ray Jones July 24 - 27  on the subject of “Joy”

July 24 morning

July 24 Evening

July 25 morning

July 25 Evening

July 26 morning

July 26 Evening

July 27 morning

July 27 Evening

Jonanthan Saroma

July 31 morning

July 31 evening

Don Perkins

August 14 morning

August 14 evening

Located on Ontario’s southern exposure, the beautiful  north shore of Lake Erie, with an expansive view of Long Point Bay.

GPS location address:
If you are using a GPS device to locate the camp, use “Norfolk” as the city, NOT Vittoria.:
2674 Front Road, Norfolk,
Ontario, Canada