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2009 Messages

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Camp Vision Statement
A family church retreat facility
providing Biblical teaching for
spiritual growth while  enjoying
Christian fellowship, relaxation,

Don Howard

Is God Unfair?

Dysfunctional Families

We Grow Through the Trials

Developing a God-Consciousness

Psalm 23

How to Leave Your Church


Confession and Forgiveness

Encounter At The Well

Psalm 139

International Weekend

Tim Behula, missionary to Trinidad

Dr. Aletta Bell, retired missionary to India

Ted Molyneax

Lost in a Crowd

Ted Molyneax - Depression

Dave McClurkin

Thinking About Knowing God

God’s Amazing Support System

Living A Delightful Life

God’s Unwavering Faithfulness

Discerning The Voice Of God

Extravagant Grace

The Ultimate Lost & Found Department

Dr. John Moore

Introduction to Ephesians

Spiritual Blessings - Ephesians 1

Redemption - Ephesians 1

Christian Unity - Ephesians 4

Spiritual Gifts - Ephesians 4

Christian Conduct - Ephesians 4

The Christian’s Walk - Ephesians 5

The Christian’s Home Life - Ephesians 5

Armed for Adversity - Ephesians 6

The Secret Weapon of Prayer - Ephesians 6

Steve Hawkins

Walking With God

Faith Through Difficult Times

Faith Under Fire

Leave Your Coat

Administrate The Dream

Joseph Is Still Alive

Joseph’s Reconciliation

Steve Hawkins’ Life Story

Satan’s Strategies

Trusting In Christ Alone

Howard Ireland

Hope Against Hope
or “When All Else Fails”

Bruce Hayden

Micah:  God Likeness

Located on Ontario’s southern exposure, the beautiful  north shore of Lake Erie, with an expansive view of Long Point Bay.